CHARM: Center for Health and Risk in Minority

The Center for Health and Risk in Minority youth and adults brings together academic and community institutions dedicated to improving minority health in the Bay Area's diverse populations. SOM Tech partnered with PIs and administrators to create a site that showcases their innovative work and cross-disciplinary approach.

SOM Tech's workshops helped establish an in-depth understanding of the program's objectives. After defining potential users and prioritizing needs, CHARM asked us to focus on illustrating their approach for a wide range of policy and thought leaders. To showcase their content best while incorporating the logo created by a community teen, we designed CHARM with a youthful look. They plan to publish their news and research frequently, so we built the site in a Drupal CMS for easy updating by internal staff. The site makes ample use of social media, video and podcasts, and a tagging system that allows for cross-site content display.

My work on this project: graphic design and workshops

The UX exercises we conducted included Defining Statements and Goals, Competitive Site Review, Likes and Dislikes, Social Media Review