OBGYN at UCSF web site

OBGYN at UCSF not only provides quality health care, it educates health care providers and investigators, and conducts research on women's health. SOM Tech was brought on to help OBGYN redesign its site to reflect newly defined strategic goals.

SOM Tech worked closely with OBGYN stakeholders to balance the needs of multiple departments and centers and understand how the web site will work as part of a larger digital strategy. SOM Tech facilitated a series of workshops that resulted in re-architecting their content organization and working through several design iterations.

Based on what was learned about the diverse audience needs, SOM Tech designed a consistent template system in Drupal that offers four different color choices and menu options, an increased ability to share content, integration of video and slides, tagging for easy content sharing, and a constant department dropdown at top. The visual design is a fresh, contemporary look to match their strategic vision while still aligning with UCSF standards.

My work on this project: graphic design, workshop facilitation



The UX exercises my group conducted over the course of several workshops include: Defining Mission and Vision, Looking at Current Analytics, Identifying Touchpoints, Review of Competitor Sites, Likes/Dislikes, Develop an Annual Report, Backcasting, Personas, Customer Journeys, Metrics for Success, Prioritizing Features

Competitor Sites

Competitor Sites